Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The cost to educate a child at Holy Cross is $6,795 (based on 2018-19) versus $13,623 in the Shawnee Mission School District (based on 2017-18). This indicates we are operating as efficiently as possible, but it also illustrates why we need to support our Catholic school and teachers! In general, Catholic school salaries are about 15-20% less than the public schools.

Holy Cross SMSD
Annual School Budget $1,868,573 370,321,287
Number of Students 275 27,183
Cost per Student $6,785 $13,623


How the Parish Helps Our School

For parishioners of Holy Cross, the cost per student ($6,795) is divided this way:

Family pays                                              $3,930 (58%)

Parish pays                                               $2,865 (42%)

Total Tuition                                              $6,795 (100%)

The Parish Scholarship (formerly a parish subsidy) is available for members of our parish. If you are currently paying the “In Parish” tuition rate, then you are already receiving this scholarship. Additional information is available under “Admissions”.

How the School Helps Our Parish

School families contribute to the parish in a variety of ways. Families who receive a Parish Scholarship play a special part as parishioners, because being a parishioner means sharing of time, talent and treasure. This two-way exchange of support (from parish to school families and school families to the parish) is what makes Holy Cross Catholic School possible.

If a family has one child enrolled at Holy Cross and receives the Parish Scholarship, that family is receiving $2,865/year, or $55.10/week. Each of the below formulas in bold font represents a tithe that is greater than the amount of scholarship received. This illustrates how the school can help the parish while the parish helps the school. Working together, we will achieve our priorities for high-quality education and a balanced budget.

Weekly Giving
Annual Income Weekly Income 10% 5% 1%
                             20,000                              385                                      38                                      19                                         4
                             40,000                              769                                      77                                      38                                         8
                             60,000                           1,154                                    115                                      58                                     12
                             80,000                           1,538                                    154                                      77                                      15