Early Education Center

We are a developmental preschool with self-contained classrooms. Our curriculum will strive to meet the needs of the whole child mentally, physically,
emotionally, socially, spiritually and academically through observation, interaction and guidance. Children will be taught to develop responsibility,
oral communication, and social, physical, fine motor a
nd listening skills.


The children will have Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Monthly Art Experiences, Worship Time, Physical Education/Fitness Breaks, and Music.
They will learn many seasonal songs and perform during the school year.

Holy Cross Catholic Early Education Center is centered in a religious environment.
Religious values are integrated into the daily curriculum and make our program a vital and extended part of your family life. 

Holy Cross staff members are recognized for their commitment to our Catholic faith, as well as their skill, enthusiasm, and care for their students.
Our exceptional staff, is committed to creating a caring atmosphere, believes in Catholic values, academic excellence and high expectations.

What days and times are offered? How big are class sizes? How much is tuition? Is Extended Day Care offered? Where is Holy Cross located?
What if my child is not Catholic? What food is served? When is registration accepted? What paperwork is needed?