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From the desk of Mrs. Obershaw

Posted on May 11, 2021 in: General News

From the desk of Mrs. Obershaw


25 MILE CLUB:  Anna Mentzer         

100 MILE CLUB:  Isaac Dixon (125), Joey Erwin, Jamie Erwin, Ms. Anderson (125)

200 MILE CLUB:  Hunter Dixon (225), Mrs.Obershaw

300 MILE CLUB:  Finley Kovar (325)

Thank you to those who turned in FIT Club sheets, and CONGRATULATIONS to Finley Kovar for being this year’s mileage leader. 




Nine Holy Cross students participated in this year’s KIDS HEART CHALLENGE and raised $731 for the American Heart Association. The AHA uses this money for research to develop new ways to help those young, old and in between who have heart problems. A huge THANK YOU goes out to the following students who helped save lives:

Paul Malone, Finley Kovar, Lilah Troy, Iris Troy, Lola Paul, Romeo Rodriguez, Ava Barilaro, Natalie Barilaro, and Peter Barilaro---YOU ROCK!  Thanks again to all nine students!

Paul Malone was our top fundraiser with over $400 raised, and he earned an opportunity to slime Mrs. Obershaw.......soooooo, in case you missed it on HC AM Live, here's a recap!


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