Online Learning Resources

Online Learning Resources


2. Google Drive - Where your files you create in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are kept on Google Drive -

3. Google Docs - This is Google’s writing tool. Use for creating letters, and for taking notes -

4. Google Slides - This is Google’s presentation tool. Use to create slideshows, flyers, and newsletters -

5. Google Classroom - This is Google’s C\classroom management for 4th through 8th grades. -

6. Google Hangout Meet -

7. Zoom -

8. SeeSaw - Teachers utilizing this will provide login and instructions on accessing -

9. Holy Cross Broadcast - This is a Youtube Channel that will have Morning and Evening announcements, and prayers -

10. There will be other resources and tools your teacher may use and they will get you the information

Google Email

11. Student Email will not receive or be able to send to external emails. It is created to communicate with teachers and students at Holy Cross

12. All Email is archived, and is searchable. The Holy Cross principal has the ability to search all emails at Holy Cross.

13. Here is a link to a Google Resource for using Gmail for Education -

Google Resources for using Google Tool

14. Google Docs -

15. Google Sheets -

16. Google Slides -


If you need support for the technical aspects of distance learning please follow the steps below

17. Please restart whatever technology tool you are using “Phone, Tablet, Computer”

18. Verify you have internet access. Click on link and press go, to start test

19. Let you teacher know, you are having issues, they will contact tech support for you

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