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FIT Club

Posted on February 15, 2024 in: General News

FIT Club

FIT CLUB MEMBERS–December 20 to February 12


25 MILE CLUB: Isaac, Linus, Zoe V.

50 MILE CLUB: Bella, Alex, Ally, Bianca, Sophie K., Sofia A., Valeria, Teresita

75 MILE CLUB: Briella, Emily, Ellie, Clara, Maddy, Tyler, Emilio, Isabella D., Diana, Serena

100 MILE CLUB: Isa G. (125), Paul, Aliana, Liam, Carlos, Joey, Lola (125), Alice (125), Joshua T., Miriam, Logan, Sheree, Ms. Koppen (125), Mrs. Sells, Mrs. Bridges (125)

200 MILE CLUB: Mrs. Beisser, Mrs. Loeffert (225), Ms. Parn (250), Mrs. Obershaw

The 7th/8th graders continue to dominate the total mileage competition and are in first place with 2275 miles, followed by 5th/6th with 1325. The teachers are third with 1200, while 3rd/4th find themselves in fourth at 425.

We have four students leading the way with 125 miles each: Hunter, Isa G., Lola, and Alice. Keep up the good work!!

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