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Hornet Highlight: 4th Grade

Posted on December 17, 2021 in: Hornet Highlight

Hornet Highlight: 4th Grade

Things have been buzzing in the 4th-grade hive.  Whether they open their math books, social studies books, science books, or Bible, one subject is intertwined with another. The Hornets have discovered that our God is a God of circles, cycles, and connections.  Genesis taught that Earth is holy ground and is a gift upon which we depend.  Social Studies led to a discovery that native peoples and pioneers who called Kansas home understood the connection between water, weather, soil, and survival. Science cautioned that the bountiful resources we have been blessed with will not last forever.  We are called to protect and share them, and we must do better. Looking through the lens of history revealed that the beginning connects to the end, and there is room for all within.  Columbus, the Spaniards, and the Aztecs set the stage for Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Those who crossed the Atlantic tended to clash with rather than connect to those inhabiting the Americas.  Our Lady’s love and gentle invitation as opposed to the conquistadors' domination converted nearly the entire population of Mexico in 10 years.  Hers is the model we should follow.  May we, like Our Lady, share the peace of Christ with the world this Advent.

Mrs. G





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