From the desk of Mrs. Obershaw

Posted on January 18, 2023 in: General News

From the desk of Mrs. Obershaw

FIT CLUB MEMBERS–December 17 to January 6 

25 MILE CLUB: David, Yadira, Charlie, Gian

50 MILE CLUB: Romahni, Briella, Emily, Bella

75 MILE CLUB: Elijah, Ethan, Liam, Tyler, Maddy, Kenley, Owen, Ally, Emilio, Ayak, Ms. Koeppen

100 MILE CLUB: Connor (150), Lily, Pia, Isaac, Scarlett, Keegan, Ellie, Isa (150), Clara, Aliana, Anna, Lindsey, Jamie (150), Sheree, Brooklyn, Toby, Mrs. Orf, Mrs. Zinser (150), Mrs. Obershaw (175)


The 7th/8th graders have extended their huge lead over the second place 5th/6th graders, now leading by 1050 miles. The teachers are a very distant third, while 3rd/4th is in fourth place. 

With 150 miles each, Connor, Isa, Anna and Jamie are leading the way for the students! Here’s where we are at with our friendly total mileage competition:

3rd and 4th grade: 350 miles

5th and 6th grade: 1375 miles

7th and 8th grade: 2425 miles

Teachers: 550 miles 
































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