Celebration - Cash Raffle Sales Winners

Posted on February 09, 2021 in: Celebration

Celebration - Cash Raffle Sales Winners

Thank you students and parents for your commitment to Holy Cross! We're excited to announce our top Cash Raffle Sellers...

1st Place:

Isaac Dixon helped sell raffle tickets after Mass several times. He received a $100 gift card and gets to be the Principal for A Day! Mrs. Wagner is looking forward to taking a break! :) Good luck Isaac!

2nd Place:

Hunter also did a great job selling tickets too! He received a $100 gift card for all his hard work! Thank you for helping support Holy Cross!

Class Winner:

Congratulations to Miss Mount's third-grade class. We hope you enjoy your movie party in the gym! Great job!

We all win when we support Holy Cross. If you missed out on purchasing a raffle ticket you can still snag your Cash Raffle or Golden Ticket here...

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