Thank you!

Posted on May 10, 2021 in: General News

Thank you!

"What a great week to be a staff member at Holy Cross! The red carpet was rolled out for us this week. We had delicious lunches, chocolates, flowers, special posters, and the kindest notes from the best community in Overland Park, actually the best in the whole state of Kansas!

If there was one word, to sum up, the week, it is LOVE. If you were looking down on the operations of a typical school day, you would see love from parents sending their students to school, love when teachers greet their students, love between the student's friendships, love when students hug their teachers, and love from the staff enjoying each other throughout the day. Everything we do is out of love and it is God's love that flows through our hallways each day. Thank you for the love you give to our school and parish."   Mrs. Wagner


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