Hornet Highlight: Middle School Math

Posted on April 15, 2022 in: Hornet Highlight

Hornet Highlight: Middle School Math

Middle school math has been all about data the past few weeks! 8th graders were statisticians looking at the average number of 3-pointers scored in an NBA game per season and questioned why the data acted the way that it did. They found that over the years more and more 3-pointers have been scored but that from 1994-1996 they found the data way higher than the previous years, do you think you can guess why that was?? 7th graders have just started to learn about probability and how to find a good sample of a larger population (hint: random is always better). And the 6th graders will be making all kinds of graphs in a few weeks and analyzing how graphs can give us a snapshot of data without having to look at all the information.

Miss Bridget Koeppen

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